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Thanks a million man. 

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Subject: [islandlabs] Learning to program

Here are some (free,online) resources I recommend (in order) for learning how to program. 
http://mislav.uniqpath.com/poignant-guide/'Why_' teaches slowly, thoroughly and entertainingly. Some may not like that its long and meanders a bit, but he teaches important concepts that can be carried over to many modern languages and is a good introduction that sets up best practices (like debugging, introspection and testing). ++ for cartoon foxes.

These tutorials provide what commodores/amigas/anything with basic used to - direct visual feedback of what you are doing. Its a safe environment that still lets you experiment and learn some neat 'what can I do with programming?'

My mind is a bit melted right now so I'm missing some big names (and dead-tree introductions), but should be a good general start.
- Jonathan

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