[islandlabs] Meeting Sept 23rd, 2009

Burns, William burns
Fri Sep 25 21:06:28 EDT 2009

Johnathan is interested in LED displays, and has ideas about how to make them.
If you follow the "balloon_to_near_space" links in the mailing list archive, you should get a good idea of what material is involved.
If you can find a good place/price to buy all the materials, let me know and we'll get this started.


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hey guys it was me gurpreet (goops) who said that i'll look into the ballon project at the end...about the phone ill get it to ya when we meet next time ...i just had got an idea as to like we should have kind ya like a make a big led display which we can float on the roth pond and kind of like make an led display show .....i was thinking of pixel project with ping pong balls ...so i thought why not take that and put it afloat in the pond and have a small show in the night ...so im not sure how to program the leds to work so...i can discuss this when we meet next time.

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