[islandlabs] Meeting Sept 23rd, 2009

Brian Fix brian.fix
Thu Sep 24 15:08:35 EDT 2009

There need not be a purpose for such a wonderful structure!.... maybe
it will be a super charged sensory deprivation disco chamber.... maybe
it will be a gooey bio commune dome. Maybe ill befriend a man named
master and his pet goon/man blaster, and then hold battles for our
entertainment (ala mad max style).

for under $100 i should be able to make one that is ~8 in radius. I'm
still pricing material and looking for some free/scrap metal

I will do a lot of the fabrication in my spare time but would like
some help putting it together on campus for an afternoon/evening of
bbq and Frisbee throwing goodness... some time in the next month or 2.

This site is very informational.


There are lots of people who have build them for extended camping
trips, or festivals, or even chicken coops!


On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 2:02 PM, Burns, William <burns at cshl.edu> wrote:
> I don't have?a box. I have a *place*, and an IP *for* a box @ CSHL.
> Pointing an islandlabs.org?CNAME at a galaxy box/IP should be fine.
> Geodesic dome? Cool. How big?
> Is it an end unto itself, or is there a greater purpose behind it?
> -Bill
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> Thanks Bill,
> Near the end of the meeting, I remember someone saying he would look into
> getting the right phone for the near-space project. I got some static IPs
> from Brian we can use for now, so we are waiting on tonyb to build the
> physical box. We will have to use with a redirect since I don't think AMS
> will want to make a {islandlabs,lugsb}.ams.stonybrook.edu . Thanks for
> offering up a box and CSL, if we have conflicts with the network here we'll
> take you up on that. Brian will be building a geodesic dome and once the
> numbers are run will bring it to campus where we can build one.
> - Jonathan
> P.S. s/Johnathan/Jonathan/g Bill
> On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Burns, William <burns at cshl.edu> wrote:
>> Our meeting consisted mostly of a discussion of project lists.
>> Here's what I'm aware of for project lists:
>> Johnathan
>> 1) advertisement in window
>> 2) Peggy LED board
>> 3) Media server
>> 4) Wiki or wiki alternative
>> Bill
>> 1) will sponsor balloon_to_near_space (If anyone is willing to "own" the
>> project + do the work)
>> 2) H-Bridge motor-driver (for use w/ Arduino)
>> 3) Turn blinkey-light chaser circuit into an audio circuit to drive a
>> "corn-starch" speaker?
>> Lori + Casey:
>> 1) Curtains w/ "Yo-Yos"
>> AFAIK, there were no takers for the balloon to near-space project.
>> Let me know if I'm wrong about that.
>> Johnathan has hardware for a wiki, but needs to "find" a static IP to use
>> w/ it.
>> Victor confirms that he *should* have a record of galaxy static IPs in his
>> host list, but he also seemed grumpy/suspicious about the need for a static
>> IP not being "work related".
>> He didn't say that he'd send Johnathan the IP info, but there's no "real"
>> reason for him not to.
>> If Island-Labs isn't able to get a static IP, I can offer space, bandwidth
>> and a static IP at CSHL.
>> Some work was done on the "angry robot" posters.
>> I think there was a "chemistry" version and a "cooking" version. Maybe a
>> "sewing" version?
>> Personally, I think that we should try to use these to promote more
>> workshops, but we need more good/simple workshop idea.
>> One idea mentioned was a cooking event. (ice-cream flambe?)
>> note: I've got a really cool blender.
>> Some work was done on the "solar flashlight".
>> Here's the math I did in case anyone's interested.
>> 2.8V - 1.8V LED = 1V
>> V=I*R
>> 12=.01*R
>> R=12/.01
>> R=1200 Ohms
>> 12V - 3.6V (2 LEDs)= 8.4 V
>> 8.4V/.01 Amps
>> R=840 Ohms
>> The resistor actually in use:
>> Gr Blu Br:
>> 5 ?6 ?0 Ohms
>> *however* it turns out that these LEDs were color-changing LEDs, that want
>> a higher current and voltage.
>> (We don't have specs on-hand for our parts) Possibly 30mA @ ~3V?
>> This circuit probably needed a 200 or 300 Ohm resistor.
>> The latest plan is/was to double-up on the solar panels instead of
>> changing the resistor.
>> (A larger capacitor couldn't hurt either)
>> 0 Black
>> 1 Brown
>> 2 Red
>> 3 Orange
>> 4 Yellow
>> 5 Green
>> 6 Blue
>> 7 Violet
>> 8 Grey
>> 9 white
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