[islandlabs] Meeting Sept 23rd, 2009

Burns, William burns
Thu Sep 24 14:02:29 EDT 2009

I don't have a box. I have a *place*, and an IP *for* a box @ CSHL.
Pointing an islandlabs.org CNAME at a galaxy box/IP should be fine.
Geodesic dome? Cool. How big?
Is it an end unto itself, or is there a greater purpose behind it?


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	Thanks Bill, 

	Near the end of the meeting, I remember someone saying he would
look into getting the right phone for the near-space project. I got some
static IPs from Brian we can use for now, so we are waiting on tonyb to
build the physical box. We will have to use with a redirect since I
don't think AMS will want to make a
{islandlabs,lugsb}.ams.stonybrook.edu . Thanks for offering up a box and
CSL, if we have conflicts with the network here we'll take you up on
that. Brian will be building a geodesic dome and once the numbers are
run will bring it to campus where we can build one.

	- Jonathan
	P.S. s/Johnathan/Jonathan/g Bill
	On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Burns, William
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		Our meeting consisted mostly of a discussion of project
		Here's what I'm aware of for project lists:
		1) advertisement in window
		2) Peggy LED board
		3) Media server
		4) Wiki or wiki alternative
		1) will sponsor balloon_to_near_space (If anyone is
willing to "own" the project + do the work)
		2) H-Bridge motor-driver (for use w/ Arduino)
		3) Turn blinkey-light chaser circuit into an audio
circuit to drive a "corn-starch" speaker?
		Lori + Casey:
		1) Curtains w/ "Yo-Yos"
		AFAIK, there were no takers for the balloon to
near-space project.
		Let me know if I'm wrong about that.
		Johnathan has hardware for a wiki, but needs to "find" a
static IP to use w/ it.
		Victor confirms that he *should* have a record of galaxy
static IPs in his host list, but he also seemed grumpy/suspicious about
the need for a static IP not being "work related".
		He didn't say that he'd send Johnathan the IP info, but
there's no "real" reason for him not to.
		If Island-Labs isn't able to get a static IP, I can
offer space, bandwidth and a static IP at CSHL.
		Some work was done on the "angry robot" posters.
		I think there was a "chemistry" version and a "cooking"
version. Maybe a "sewing" version?
		Personally, I think that we should try to use these to
promote more workshops, but we need more good/simple workshop idea.
		One idea mentioned was a cooking event. (ice-cream
		note: I've got a really cool blender.
		Some work was done on the "solar flashlight".
		Here's the math I did in case anyone's interested.
		2.8V - 1.8V LED = 1V
		R=1200 Ohms
		12V - 3.6V (2 LEDs)= 8.4 V
		8.4V/.01 Amps
		R=840 Ohms
		The resistor actually in use:
		Gr Blu Br:
		5  6  0 Ohms
		*however* it turns out that these LEDs were
color-changing LEDs, that want a higher current and voltage.
		(We don't have specs on-hand for our parts) Possibly
30mA @ ~3V?
		This circuit probably needed a 200 or 300 Ohm resistor.
		The latest plan is/was to double-up on the solar panels
instead of changing the resistor.
		(A larger capacitor couldn't hurt either)
		0 Black
		1 Brown
		2 Red
		3 Orange
		4 Yellow
		5 Green
		6 Blue
		7 Violet
		8 Grey
		9 white
		List mailing list
		List at islandlabs.org

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