[islandlabs] Mandatory Meeting for funding

Burns, William burns
Tue Sep 22 20:18:32 EDT 2009

1) I'm not a student, so I dont' think I count.
2) I may be (should be) known to polity as having been associated w/
I-Con during it's financial debacle.
For those reasons, I don't think you should mention my name in those


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	Even though the requirement states just one officer and members
as a backup, the more officers that attend the better chance we have to
get a big budget. RSVP here if you are available.  I don't want to make
a separate list for university dealings, but I could be convinced to.

	The Leadership Conference is Mandatory for all clubs, new and
old. Every club must RSVP by completing this process.
	Saturday October 10, 2009
	9AM Student Activities Center

	If you have a conflict that Saturday, send one of the other 4
members on your e-board.
	If all four have a conflict, at least send a regular member as a
representative and contact Ashley Reji directly.

	RSVPing is a 3-Step process.

	Step 1

	Have you signed up for
<http://www.google.com/gwt/n?u=http%3A%2F%2Fsunysb.net> SBUlife.com yet?
	Sign up for SBUlife with your Facebook account or Stony Brook
email account. You will need to use it at the conference.

	Step 2

	Have you found the Club Leadership Conference event
eadership-conference> ?
	Find it and click "Will Attend." You can click "leave event"
later if you will be sending someone else in your place. Make sure they
click "will attend" first.

	Step 3

	RSVP Form

	1.	Your Name(required) 
	2.	Email(valid email required) 
	3.	Club/Organization Name(required) 
	4.	Funding 
	5.	We have a USG Line Budget We have SSC funding (usually
for new clubs) We are very new, and seeking USG funding. We are not
funded by USG at all. (you are not reqiured to attend) Other/I don't
	6.	Your position in the club(required) 
	7.	Phone number


	1.	Treasurer's Full Name 
	2.	Email(valid email required) 
	3.	Phone Number 
	4.	Attending

	1.	Other Officers 
	2.	Other Officer's Email(valid email required) 
	3.	Other Officer's Email(valid email required) 
	4.	RSVP 
	5.	RSVP 
	6.	I will be attending the conference on 10/10 at 9am. 1
more will be attending the conference as well I will send a
representative (specify below) Other Situation (explain below) 
	7.	Regrets, Stories and Notes (optional) 
	8.	I signed up for sbulife and RSVP'd to the Club
Leadership Conference on it. 
	9.	(required)



	cforms contact form by delicious:days

	Thank you for opening a new line of communication with us, we
greatly appreciate everything that you do.

	Please email areji at stonybrookusg.org with any questions.

	See original

	- Jonathan

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