[islandlabs] How to seal the balloon?

Burns, William burns
Sat Dec 19 00:20:14 EST 2009

The "rope" will probably be kite string.
We need some kind of dropcloth so we can safely roll out the balloon.
Probably "whatever" mil plastic from home depot, staked into the ground.
Everyone handling the balloon has to wear cotton gloves.
Common advice is to remove all metal from clothing (belt buckles, etc.)
while handling the balloon.
A PVC pipe is inserted into the neck of the balloon.
There's a "filling tube/hose" involved... 
Fill the balloon.
Tie-off the neck of the balloon.
remove the PVC pipe.
roll-up the neck of the balloon.
Tie-off the rolled tube/neck, and wrap duct-tape around this roll.

Sealing the balloon: using heavy twine, tie the balloon neck off tightly
above the filling adaptor. Remove the adaptor. Tie the neck again, four
to six inches below the first piece of twine. Tie your payload cord to
the neck between these two pieces of twine. Now bend the neck over
double and tie it again, twice. You will now have the neck of the
balloon bent over double, with the payload suspension cord nestled in
the bottom of the bend and the whole thing securely tied. You're ready
to launch. (You can use tie-wraps instead of twine if you wish, but
they're heavier.) 


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	I talked to a guy who has experience in balloons and many
	He said 6 meters total rope length. So that is 10 feet between
payload/parachute, and another 10 feet between the parachute/balloon.
	What kind of rope are we using, and what is the mechanism we're
using to insert helium into the balloon and close the balloon/seal it

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