[islandlabs] I have an antenna for the balloon in my office...

John Teddy masterjediyoda
Thu Dec 17 17:04:16 EST 2009

I see, the person must have been mistaken. Or maybe they were talking about
industrial tanks of larger size.


This is a 12lb tank, and holds 15 cubic feet of helium. It only costs $50.

I don't think 15 cubic feet of helium be nearly enough.

The MIT balloon was 5 feet diameter at launch, and 20 feet at burst. So ours
will be under 10 feet diamater at launch, and under 40 feet diamater at
burst. My figures are off, need the sphere formula. 4/3*?*radius3

I don't know what the weight in the balloon (we have 800gram balloon, they
used 350 gram right?), translates to as far as diameter and cubic feet of

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