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> Greetings Folks!
> I have several important notes about the convention coming TOMORROW!
> 1.  I'd like to introduce you to my newly minted co-Track Leader  
> Rares Cocioba.  He's been unavailable for most of the planning and  
> prep, but he's been (mostly) brought up to speed in what's going on  
> and how to best resolve any issues you may have while at I-CON.  His  
> wife, Tina, will also be present as staff and usually assisting him.
> 2.  Picking up your badge and guest packet - All guests must pickup  
> their packets are the Suffolk County Community College (SCCC),  
> Brentwood (sometimes referred to as Grant Campus).  Specifically, at  
> the Field House.  I don't have the EXACT location on the campus  
> handy right now, but look for a sign that reads "Guest Registration"  
> or "Guest/Press Registration".  And if it's not immediately obvious,  
> give us a call - our contact numbers are listed at the end of the e- 
> mail.  Directions to SCCC can be found on our web site at http://www.iconsf.org/travel.php
> 3.  There is an Opening Ceremony - see the attached press release.
> 4.  Sci-Tech Programming does not officially begin until 8:30 PM.   
> Due to an unavoidable situation, I likely won't be on campus until  
> 4pm and maybe as late as 5pm.  Rares may be there earlier.
> 5.  Transportation between venues - your guest packet should include  
> a bus schedule, itinerary, and other information.  If you need  
> transportation between venues while you attend I-CON, let us know.   
> There is a bus for the general membership you are welcome to use.   
> In addition, our Information Desk will be helping to coordinate  
> rides for guests between sites if needed.  And Rares and I may be  
> able to drive you if you need to make a scheduled event.
> 6.  We have a "Meet the Pros" party at the Marriott Hotel, Bonaparte  
> room from 10pm to midnight. We're encouraging all our guests to  
> attend (but it's not a requirement, especially if you are on  
> programming opposite it).
> Most of the logistical items are covered in your welcome letter as  
> well.
> STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: For your convenience, write our phone numbers  
> on the back of your badge (we were hoping to do this for you, but it  
> doesn't look like we'll have time before everything kicks off).  And  
> if you have young children, write YOUR phone number on the back of  
> their badge.
> I think that's it.  Once again, if anything urgent comes up, please  
> don't hesitate to call.  And if you have any other questions or  
> concerns about your appearance, please let us know as soon as  
> possible.
> -Lee
> Contacting us:
> Lee Wilbur - 516-901-2558
> Rares Cocioba - 917-363-5288
> I expect to have access to the last 24 hours of my e-mail throughout  
> the convention - if you use mobile e-mail, you can contact me for  
> non-urgent matters using the scitech at iconsf.org address. <cid:part1.00020204.05030305 at leewilbur.com 
> >
> Both Rares and I accept Text Messages.  If you use them, we'll  
> assume we can respond in kind and send future non-time critical I- 
> CON 28 communications via text.
> Contact Matt Weinberger,
> 631-382-8297
> Long Island, NY, 9 March 2009:  Icon Science Fiction, Inc. announced  
> today
> the guest list and major programming for I-CON 28.  Each year, I-CON  
> brings
> together major figures from the worlds of film and television,  
> literature
> and publishing, science and technology, comics, gaming, and anime  
> for a
> three-day festival to promote literacy and education.  Members of the
> general public are invited to participate in discussions and  
> seminars about
> topics ranging from space exploration to film production.
> "Our goal is to promote the cause of education by reminding people  
> that
> learning things is fun," said Icon president Jeff Nagel.  "If you  
> attend
> I-CON, you will have a good time--and you WILL leave knowing  
> something you
> didn't know before."
> Islip Town Superisor Phil Nolan will welcome I-CON to its new home by
> hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, April 3 at 4:30 at the  
> Convention Center in Brentwood, NY.
> I-CON's past guests have included astronaut Deke Slayton and cosmonaut
> Georgi Gretchko, eminent scientists like Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and  
> Dr.
> Michio Kaku, as well as authors including the late Arthur Clarke and
> best-seller Charlaine Harris.
> After 27 years at Stony Brook University, this year I-CON will be  
> held at
> Suffolk County Community College's Ammerman campus, along with  
> programming
> held at the Islandia Marriott and the Holiday Inn Ronkonkoma.
> "It's hard to leave Stony Brook after 27 years," says John Hudson,  
> Event
> Chair of I-CON 28.  "We didn't have a choice, though, since the  
> space we
> usually use there is under construction.  SCCC has been extremely  
> helpful
> and we hope and plan to put on a great event in the new location."
> I-CON is attended by 6,000 to 7,000 people each year.  A selection  
> of this
> year's major guests includes:
> Sean Astin, Oscar-nominated actor, director, and producer, best  
> known as
> "Sam" in the Lord of the Rings movies.
> Tory Belleci of TV's Mythbusters.
> Nicki Clyne of Battlestar Galactica
> Holly Black, author of the best-selling Spiderwick Chronicles.
> Jane Yolen, winner of awards including the Caldecott, the Nebula,  
> and a
> National Book Award nominee among other honors.
> Award-winning novelist Jack McDevitt.
> John Rennie, the editor-in-chief of Scientific American.
> Dr. Maggie Turnbull, President of the Global Science Institute and  
> consultant.
> Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor of Marvel Comics.
> For a complete guest listing and much more information, visit
> www.iconsf.org.
> Each year I-CON holds two charity auctions.  This year, all money  
> collected
> will go to Island Harvest (www.islandharvest.org).
> "There are bigger shows, and there are more specialized events, but  
> there is
> nothing like I-CON," says Hudson.  "We combine a huge vendor area  
> with all
> different types of programming, whether you like Magic: The Gathering,
> science fiction novels, martial arts, dancing, or Star Wars.  There's
> something for everyone at I-CON."
> About Icon Science Fiction:  Icon Science Fiction is a membership- 
> based 501
> (c) (3) educational charity which promotes literacy and education.   
> Each
> year, Icon (with no hyphen) holds an event called I-CON (with a  
> hyphen) to
> carry out this mission.  Icon is a wholly volunteer-run and
> volunteer-managed organization, with no paid staff.  100% of any  
> monies
> received by Icon are devoted to its corporate goals.
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