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Thu Sep 25 14:09:50 EDT 2008

> No restrictions on outside donations.

VERY good.

> Instantly become a non-for-profit under the Stony brook umbrella.

Two for two.

> We have to keep the initial $750 within stony brook- that means students or
> as shared resources.

For a lab, this is a non-issue. You could kill that bit of budget on just a
decent microscope or oscilloscope.

Safety regulations.

Just make sure you know the policies on toxic and flammable materials.
Perhaps speak with the chemistry club?

Further east than farmingdale, so anyone in the 5 boroughs will have to
> travel an extra 35 minutes.

Or take the train.

This is the biggest problem we (I?) have. Because of this I think we should
have general meetings once a month, government meetings slightly more often,
and informal gatherings whenever we feel like it.

> The electoral board does need to be stony brook students - pres, vp,
> treasurer, secretary.

I've always preferred to be the power behind the throne, or at least a
member of the peanut gallery :)

Constitution - There will be a mock up on our space on google momentarily

Indeed there is. I don't like our mission statement however. I'm not here to
educate the public, I'm here to pursue my own self improvement with a group
of people I can trust. Oh, and SCIENCE!!!

BTW, old computers are pretty toxic, and use a lot of power. In a nutshell,
they're anything but green. And nobody wants to learn how to use old
computers, not even poor people.

> This is gonna be better for some people, worse for others, but it
> is overall strictly better than squatting.

Yes it it. Good job.

The SAC is building 78 on this map. The train station is 61.
> http://www.sunysb.edu/sb/map/map.pdf
> Directions to campus
> http://www.liballroom.com/directions.html
> Youtube of the SAC
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtbCriy6kP0&feature=related
> -Bill

Arghh, so THIS is where you said all this.

I'll have to give you the power to manipulate time and space for the group

Methinks you need to have a Google account to wield it however.
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