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Sun Sep 21 23:42:23 EDT 2008

So I am going to register Island Labs as a Stony Brook Undergraduate club.
This email is to explain the benefits and drawbacks of doing so, and I
officially register it until late tomorrow afternoon / early Tuesday
Instant $750 / year
Line budgets of $55,000.00+ after 1 year
No restrictions on outside donations
Secure lockers graciously donated by our advisor
Instant networking through the university
Room reservation rights
Office rights ( we will get an office after a certain amount of time /
activity )
Instantly become a non-for-profit under the Stony brook umbrella
Easy to get to - the train station is right on campus
Members do not need to be stony brook students

We have to keep the initial $750 within stony brook- that means students or
as shared resources. The line budget is a free-for-all and external funding
is totally O.K though.
Safety regulations, not sure about the details, but I know there is a club
that builds off-roading go-karts so we can probably get away with doing some
bigger stuff like they are.
Further east than farmingdale, so anyone in the 5 boroughs will have to
travel an extra 35 minutes.
The electoral board does need to be stony brook students - pres, vp,
treasurer, secretary. Our constitution details what this means.

Stuff to consider:
Constitution - There will be a mock up on our space on google momentarily
Officers - We have 4 sbu undergrad students willing to officiate
Advisor - Google christa erickson, she is cool
8 training classes in the fall - I have to register this week or I will miss
the classes that explain what it means to make a new club on campus
Rules - There are safety regulations on campus, but we can totally get
around them easily

So there. This is gonna be better for some people, worse for others, but it
is overall strictly better than squatting. I am still looking into two other
funding sources, one is a group that wants to help connect businesses with
students for internships and another is just Suffolk county. If you have any
questions reply!

- Jonathan

P.S. This does not exclude us from doing activities as Island Labs outside
the school, lest they be illegal (a.k.a. I don't see this changing the way
we do things in the least bit, remember our urban exploration? same rules
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